Twenty five for 25

Today is my 25th birthday. In my experience, a twenty fifth birthday celebration typically involves a gathering of friends and perhaps a bottle or two of something alcoholic. As the marathon is now less than two months away and my birthday has fallen on a Sunday, I decided that my birthday celebrations this year had to incorporate some form of training. So, earlier today I donned my running shoes and ran twenty five kilometres. One kilometre for every year of my life! My goodness did it hurt.

Thankfully, one of my closest friends front doors is exactly twenty five kilmometres away from mine, so I was running towards a home cooked birthday roast!

The run was horrendous. What other way could you describe spending a Sunday running more than half a marathon in the remnants of a storm after hosting a birthday party the previous night? However horrible the experience was though, I did it. I travelled twenty five kilometres under my own steam and I’m incredibly proud of myself. An unconventional way to celebrate a birthday, but the cherry on top of a brilliant week nonethless.

Earlier in the week, bidding on my online auction closed on an incredible profit figure of £750! That means that I’ve hit my £4,000 fundraising target for Headway Oxfordshire. I may have beat my fundraising target, but that was never the end goal. I’ve got two months left to double my distance so it’s time to buckle down and focus on getting ready for race day in eight weeks time.

Although I’ve reached my fundraising target, I’d never say no to another donation or two! You can donate online here or throw cash at me if you see me in person. Just make sure I’m having a good brain day so I’m coordinated enough to catch it!

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