The show must go on

There’s been lots of speculation recently about whether the London Marathon will even take place this year because of the spread of COVID-19. Whilst for many people in the midst of training this is disheartening (according to social media, that is), it’s just another stumbling block for me.

My point of view is this: In the last 14 months, I’ve had six ear infections (one of which very nearly killed me), been seen by 3 different doctors surgeries, spent 31 nights in four different hospitals, had two ambulance rides (one of which was in a show storm), spent six months self administering intravenous antibiotics and started adapting to life post brain injury. Whilst I’d happily accept that as the total amount of hardship I’m ever going to face in my life, in all likelihood, that’s not going to be the case. So, in times of uncertainty such as those pretty much everyone on the planet is going through at the moment, what can we do but carry on? I agree that we can all take measures to help the cause and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, but at the same time, it’s important to listen to the experts and not succumb to the scaremongering that appears all over social media.

For that reason, my training this week has been business as usual, and will continue to be until either I cross the finish line, or I’m told that the race is cancelled. Last weeks run was very long, so I gave my poor old legs a break this week and worked on improving my time over shorter distances. I’m hoping that if I work on my pace during the week I can translate some of that speediness in to my longer runs. There are only seven weeks between now and race day, so it’s getting scarily close! Whilst I’m really looking forward to the day, I’m also looking forward to getting my Sunday mornings back! I kind of miss lazing around my flat in my pyjamas with copious amounts of coffee. Obviously I can’t run a marathon in my pyjamas, but if there are any volunteers to provide me with a coffee (or something stronger) at each mile marker then I’m all ears!

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