Safety & Sanity

It goes without saying that we’re going through some strange times at the moment. Personally, I’ve not left the house in more than three weeks and I now find myself writing about long weekends of lockdown rather than long weekends of running.

I’m not going to lie to you, being under the governments shielding measures is tough. This time last year, I was living with my parents recovering from surgery. I was just beginning to find my feet but what do you know, I’m living with my parents again!

Whilst I can’t help but feel like it’s a little bit of a regression in my recovery, coming back to the countryside was definitely the right move for my health. Both mental and physical.  In Oxford, I live in a one bedroom flat with the only outside space shared with about sixty other households. It’s a lovely garden by the river, but not safe for me to spend time in at the moment. The fact that my parents have a garden means that I’ve been able to spend time outside. Their house is also big enough that I can spend time with them when I’m craving human interaction, but I can also maintain some of the independence that I’ve only recently got back.

My main struggle is exercise. I brought my running shoes home with me before I was told not to leave the house and they’re staring at me from the hallway. I’m really missing running so I’ve put a call out on social media for a treadmill in the local area, but no luck as of yet. For now, I’m confined to exercise videos in front of the tv!

On the plus side, the weather was gorgeous this weekend, so I’ve managed to spend some time in the sun and the levels of stir craziness have reduced significantly. Hopefully the we’ll get some nice weather during the bank holiday weekend too so I can keep my self both safe and sane!




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