Rest – the key to success

I’ve briefly mentioned in previous posts how important it is for brain injury survivors to find balance between going out and getting on with their lives and getting plenty of rest.

Until this week, I’d not realised quite how true that really is.

Last week was a really rough week brain wise, to the point where I couldn’t complete the run I’d got planned. But instead of letting it get to me and delay my progress, I took a few days away from my trainers and made sure I got plenty of rest throughout the week. Today, I went back to my training plan and not only did I complete my 10k as planned, but I ran it in under an hour!

There are so many factors that could have contributed to my success this morning, ranging from the extra rest, right through to the copious amounts of wine my friends and I drank last night. I’m going to assume it was the rest though and continue with that strategy rather thank drinking my way through the next few months!

So, the key to getting good at running is to make sure you get plenty of rest, and I’m beginning to find out the key to fundraising too! According to Virgin Money Giving, I’m 68% of the way to my total – that’s only just over £1,000 left to go! There’s lots of interest in my silent auction, which goes live very soon! You can sign up online here, or keep an eye on my social media accounts for new lots being announced!

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