On setbacks and learning to relax

I’ve spent the last week in Scotland to celebrate my brothers 30th birthday. The first few days of the holiday were spent in the beautiful highlands taking in some spectacular views. Despite the hilly landscape, my training runs seemed easier than usual because I found myself wanting to see what lay around the next corner. Running is far more interesting when you’ve got views like this to keep you occupied!

Unfortunately, the idyllic scottish countryside didn’t stop me having my first major setback since I began my training. On Sunday evening, I started feeling a little rough – headache, dizziness, earache, nausea – pretty much the exact symptoms I was admitted to hospital with ten months ago! I headed to the local doctors on Monday morning – a small surgery that’s only open for two hours a day and has five seats in the waiting room. A very different experience to visiting my usual doctors surgery in Oxford city centre! However small the surgery was, I cannot fault the treatment I received. After diagnosing yet another ear infection, the GP got in touch with my consultant at Addenbrookes to ask about what treatment would best fit in with all the other treatments I’m undergoing. By lunchtime on Tuesday I was drugged up with an extra two antibiotics, taking my total up to 10 tablets and two ear drops every day!

The unexpected health setback put pay to my training whilst away, but that’s okay. I always knew when I signed up to run the marathon that I might have a few setbacks along the way – I’ve written in the past about coping with fatigue and balance issues –  I’ve just got to roll with the punches, do my best and also relax when my body tells me it needs a rest.

So, with that in mind, my family and I headed down to Edinburgh to enjoy the rest of our holiday. With a trip to see the penguin parade at Edinburgh Zoo, a day spent exploring the royal mile and Edinburgh castle and plenty of visits to various shops and restaurants, there was little time to worry about being ill. Although, I am looking forward to getting home for a rest! 

My training has taken a bit of a hit this week, and I’ll take my doctors advice and stay away from my running shoes until my current infection has gone, but I’m going to spend the rest of my recuperation time coming up with more ideas of how to raise money for Headway. I’d love to hear any ideas you’ve got – let me know with a comment below. Or, you can support me by donating to my cause.

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