New year, same me

The new year has arrived and as usual, it’s been heralded by hoards of people taking to social media to declare that they’re taking part in Dry January and #NewYearNewMe has been trending across all platforms for days.

Whilst it’s admirable to have aspirations for making yourself a better person, I’ve never found New Years Resolutions something that work for me. Last year, my resolution was to become healthier. I think it’s safe to say that I missed the mark on meeting that resolution a little bit.

In 2019, I went through some massive life changes and I definitely ended the year as a different version of myself. Since my recovery, I’ve set myself some pretty big life goals – running a marathon and raising £4,000 for charity to name a few. I’ve decided that, for now, that’s enough change in my life. So, no New Years resolutions for me this year, just a promise to myself to keep getting healthier and to keep up my marathon training and fundraising – both of which are going well.

A year ago from now, I’d spent the first of 28 nights in hospital and things were looking pretty bleak. Fast forward a year and I’ve raised almost £3,000 for Headway and I’m well on the way to being able to run the marathon. If you’ve contributed to getting me this far in my recovery, training or fundraising – thank you.

I’ve got some big fundraising plans coming up, so make sure you keep an eye on my social media to find out more, and don’t forget, you can always donate to Headway through my fundraising page.

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