My Story

26 Miles from Brain Injury is a weekly blog telling my story as I adapt to life with a Brain Injury and train to run a marathon as part of my recovery.

In the first week of January 2019, I went to A&E with a bad ear infection. Doctors hoped that intravenous antibiotics would clear the infection. Over the next three weeks, sepsis set in and left me fighting for my life. At the lowest point of my experience, I was fighting to breathe in the back of an ambulance, in a snow storm. The infection had spread to my brain and I was on my way to Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge for life saving brain surgery. To be honest, I can think of better ways to start a new year!

Whilst I have no doubt that the fantastic team at Addenbrookes saved my life, NHS treatment only goes so far. I keep the infection at bay with continuing treatment, but I’m left with the lasting effects of damage to both my brain and my ear.

That’s where Headway Oxfordshire come in. After several months of struggling through the endless symptoms of brain injury, I stumbled across the Headway Oxfordshire website. The incredible Headway team have supported me since July 2019. Slowly but surely they are helping me get back to my pre-injury self. They’ve supported me so much that I decided they deserved a little support in return.

On the 4th October 2020 I will run 26.2 miles along the streets of London to raise money for Headway Oxfordshire.

Headway provide a huge variety of support services to those affected by brain injury. Services range from vocational support in getting back to ‘normal’ through to speech and language therapy for those who suffer from speech impediments post injury.

I think any fundraising in aid of Headway is incredibly well deserved because I’ve experienced the first-hand. So please, please, donate whatever you can. It really does mean the world.

I’m an open book about my injury and my experiences with Headway, so please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Thank you

Amy x