When music hits you, you feel no pain.

I recently launched my fundraising event and pub quiz: Brain Buster. I realised quite early on in the planning of the event that the biggest challenge I’d face would be convincing people to donate items that I could use in an auction or raffle – which is where I’m hoping the event will be most successful.

So last Friday, a friend and I sat down and came up with a list of over 100 local businesses and sent them an email telling them about my story and how they could help. I wasn’t expecting much response, because most of the businesses on the list were small independent shops that probably have far bigger issues in the current political environment than donating to charity. However, I was massively wrong. In the last week, countless businesses have replied to my email and posted me gift vouchers and products that I can use to improve my fundraising. I’m massively overwhelmed by the support that the Oxfordshire community has given me, and I can’t wait to put their generosity to good use on the day of the event!

Obviously, my main fundraising effort is still sponsorship for the London Marathon. I’m training regularly and things are going well. I recently had a major boost to training when I got my hearing device fitted.

Even though I have one ear that works perfectly, I’ve never been able to listen to music when I’ve gone out running because once I put a headphone in my good ear, I couldn’t hear any of my surroundings. Fine for the countryside runs I might do when staying at my parents house, but not safe when the footpath I’m using goes alongside a busy city centre road. Now that I have my hearing device, I can stream music to the deaf ear through my hearing device and keep my good ear free for listening to my surroundings.

During my long run last weekend I found that having music to help me keep my pace was a huge boost and the distance seemed far easier to cover than it had done in the past. Hopefully, the music will continue to help me along the way as I increase the distances I’m running even further. Bob Marley once said that ‘When music hits you, you feel no pain’. I’m not sure that’ll run true at the end of the marathon, but I’m hoping it’ll ease the pain a little. So, if any fellow runners are reading this, let me know what your favourite song to run to is. I’ve got quite a hefty playlist to build up before the 26th April!

I’ve still got a long way to go to reach my fundraising goals, but I’m getting ever closer. You can support my cause by donating online, or by getting in touch and donating an auction lot.


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