I’m a worrier

Those of you who follow me on social media will know that I’ve had a rough few weeks. After a brilliant holiday in Scotland, I returned to work with a fading ear infection. Unfortunately, I only lasted an hour before I was on my way home again, via my GP’s office. He confirmed my suspicions that my ear infection diagnosed in Scotland was not clearing up and sent me to the John Radcliffe Hospital to see the ENT team. What followed was a week of daily visits to hospital, culminating in me being admitted as an inpatient last Friday night. I was dizzy, feeling sick, had earache and the most awful headache.

Thankfully, my stay was far shorter than my previous hospital stay, only a few days this time. I had several head scans and blood tests and all the results came back clear, so I was discharged on Monday after a few rounds of strong intravenous antibiotics.

The difference between this hospital stay and the last was my headache. The ENT consultant said my headache wasn’t typical of a headache caused by a brain infection, but was more like a stress headache. He thinks I was quite literally making myself feel worse by worrying too much.

So, the answer to feeling better is simple. Forget about being ill, stop worrying about the fact that I got another infection and get on with my life. That’s far easier said than done when I have a reminder set on my phone every eight hours telling me to take medication, and when it seems that every item of post that lands on my doorstep is yet another hospital appointment!

Completely forgetting about being ill is next to impossible, but what I can do is find other things to focus on in my life. I have an exam coming up at the beginning of December, so I’m busy studying for that, and I’m really looking forward to getting my running shoes back on next week!

Believe it or not, I’ve even got hospital appointments I’m looking forward to! In December I have a series of audiology tests that will determine whether I’m suitable for a hearing implant. The entire process takes three months, so if I’m eligible, I’ll hopefully be able to hear properly again by the spring!

Whilst I’m not able to train at the moment, donations have still been coming in for Headway and I’m so grateful. I’ve got a few ideas in the pipeline as to how to raise even more money in the coming months, but I’d love it if you could make a donation or share my blog on your social media accounts in the meantime.

Amy x

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