Writing my own happy ending

This week, I’m going to hit one year post surgery.

One. Whole. Year.

It’s certainly been a whirlwind of a year and every single one of the twelve months that have passed since my surgery has brought a new challenge. I’ve had two surgeries, thirty two nights in hospital and countless outpatient appointments that each involve a seven hour round trip to stay with my parents.

However many hardships I’ve faced, I can’t help but look back at my experiences with a strange sense of pride. I’ve learnt something new every single day and I truly feel like I’ve made something good out of a terrible situation.

Way back in January 2019, I started carving out the new post-brain-injury version of myself by taking to WhatsApp and saying to some of my closest friends “I had surgery this morning, but it’s fine – it was only brain surgery!” Understandably, my friends were quite shocked! Reactions ranged from “Eh??” to “?!” to my personal favourite “????????????????????????”

I think I’d decided even then, just a few hours post surgery, that I wasn’t going to let my injury be something bad. Admittedly, I hadn’t slept in weeks and I’d had a lot of painkillers, but even then, I was determined to use my experiences as a force for good. Twelve months later, and I feel like I’ve achieved this goal. Don’t misunderstand me – I know that some truly awful things have happened to me, but I’ve made the story my own    and turned the experiences in to the year of my life that I’m most proud of rather than a year to look back on with sadness.

I’m not finished yet though. The first chapter of my story has been a rough one, but the next chapter is hopefully going to be a little more stable. It’s less than 100 days to go until the marathon and I feel like I’m spending all of my free time either planning fundraising events or running! I know that I’ve got more surgery to come, but going in to the year knowing what’s coming makes it so much easier to deal with!

So, as I enter year two of recovery, I’m in a positive place, and I can’t wait to continue carving out the happy ending to my story.

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