Fighting the tide

Have you ever walked out of the sea against the waves and felt like however hard you try to walk forwards, you’re not getting any closer to the shore? Felt like you’re getting more and more tired, but not getting any closer to the end goal?In part, that’s what fatigue feels like.

Now, in addition to the physical fatigue, imagine the concept of having to concentrate on simple things such as stringing a sentence together or picking something up off a table. That’s the level of fatigue that’s an almost daily struggle for a majority of brain injury sufferers, myself included.

One of the key problems I find with my fatigue is that it’s just one of the many symptoms of a hidden disability. Outwardly, I look like any other person. In reality, I’m missing a bit of my brain. That means that the functioning part of my brain has to work harder to keep up. Explaining this to people can be difficult because they can’t see it.

However much my injury has changed me and made day to day life more difficult, I try to stay positive. When I was in hospital, it didn’t look like I would have a life to live, so the fact that I’m still going strong and planning to run a marathon is some kind of miracle. My experiences this year have made me determined to live my life to the fullest, and the fabulous team at Headway are helping me do that.

So far, our primary focus has been finding ways to reduce the effects of fatigue on my day to day life. The few small changes we’ve made to my daily routine so far have made a marked improvement and I’m beginning to have more energy throughout the day.

For some reason, I decided it was a good idea to use this energy to train for a marathon!

Factoring my disability in to my training is certainly something that I’ll have to be careful of. I’ve got to make sure that I do enough training to be marathon ready by April, but obviously I don’t want to push myself to the point where I’m too fatigued to do anything! I’ve just got to find a way to push through the waves, but come out standing upright.

In the three days since I launched my fundraising page, I’ve raised £257.20, which is incredible.

If you’ve donated, thank you. It means the absolute world and will definitely give me some motivation while I’m pounding the streets of Oxford for the next eight months!

I’ve decided that I’ll write my weekly training update every Saturday, which means 34 blog posts from now I’ll be writing from somewhere in London the day before I run a marathon!

Amy x

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