Concentrating on concentration

This week, I’m talking about something that is sure to bring dread to most people. Exams.

As I’ve probably mentioned to everyone I know once or twice, (sorry), I have an exam next week. I sat the exam last December in the midst of my mental health problems and given what I was unknowingly dealing with, it’s no surprise that I completely flunked it. Results day came around in the middle of January and I was so ill that I replied to my automated results text!

Now that I’ve got the worst of my illness behind me, I’m determined to do as well as I possibly can next week. However, studying for an exam when you’ve got a brain injury isn’t easy.

Over the last few months I’ve been working with Headway on methods to improve my concentration. It’s something that I’ve really struggled with since my brain injury. I’ve got really good at remembering to have regular breaks whilst I’m at work, which makes my brain do what it needs to do to get through the day.

Thankfully, my job is varied enough that if I’m struggling to concentrate I can put something down and work on something else until I’ve had a break.

Unfortunately, when you’re studying for an exam, particularly an advanced one like the one I have next week, easing concentration issues through variety isn’t easy. This means I’ve had to take breaks on a more regular basis. Progress is slow when you have to take a fifteen minutes of every hour as a break, which in turn makes concentration even harder because you’re worrying about how much you still have to learn!

So, it’s safe to say I’m looking forward to getting home next Friday and taking a really long nap!

In other news, just as I was hitting a wall during my run this morning I got a notification on my watch that I’d had another donation. It was anonymous, so if it was you – thank you! Every single donation goes straight to Headway and supports their incredible work. They really have helped me get my life back on track and your donations mean the world to me.

You can donate on my virgin money giving page, or you can share my story on social media to increase awareness of the brilliant work Headway are doing.


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